Daniel Fahey

Dan Fahey
MALD  International relations  The Fletcher School at Tufts University, 2002
B.A.  Government  University of Notre Dame, 1990
Berkeley, California, United States



“Guns and Butter: Uganda’s Involvement in Northeastern Congo, 2003-2009,” L’Afrique des Grands Lacs, Annuaire 2009-2010 (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2010), forthcoming

“Le Fleuve D’Or: The Production and Trade of Gold from Mongbwalu, DRC,” L’Afrique des Grands Lacs, Annuaire 2007-2008 (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2008)

“The Final Word on Depleted Uranium,” The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, 25:2 (Summer 2001) pp. 189-201


David K. Leonard, Jennifer Brass, Michael Nelson, Sophal Ear, Dan Fahey, et al, “Does Patronage Still Drive Politics for the Rural Poor in the Developing World? A Comparative Perspective from the Livestock Sector,” Development and Change, Vol. 41 No. 3, May 2010


“The New Gold Rush: Post-Conflict Mining and Trading in the Kilo Belt, DR Congo,” in A. Ansoms and S. Marysse (eds.), Natural resources and local livelihoods in the Great Lakes Region: a political economy perspective (forthcoming)

“Depleted Uranium and Its Use in Munitions,” and “Environmental and Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Munitions,” in Avril McDonald (ed.) The International Legal Regulation of the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons: A Cautionary Approach, (Den Haag: Asser Press, forthcoming)

“The 2 to 7 Watch,” in Maxine Hong-Kingston (ed.) Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace (Kihei, Hawai’i: Koa Books, 2006)

“The story of depleted uranium,” in Tod Ensign (ed.) America’s Military Today, (New York: New Press, 2004)


“The political economy of livestock and pastoralism in Sudan,” (Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization, forthcoming)

“The uses and hazards of Depleted Uranium munitions: policy issues for AI,” POL 34/010/2001, (London: Amnesty International, International Secretariat, August 2001)

Honors and awards

ROCCA Dissertation Fellowship - Center for African Studies, UC Berkeley - 2007
ROCCA Pre-Disseration Fellowship - Center for African Studies, UC Berkeley - 2005
Berkeley Fellowship - UC Berkeley - 2004
Fletcher Scholarship - Tufts University - 2000
- - 0000

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