Stefania Barca

S.V. Ciriacy Wantrup fellow
Ph.D  Economic History  University of Bari (Italy), 1997

(no longer at UC Berkeley)
California, United States
 work: 510-643-3831   home: 510-527-9452      Publications
My main field of interest is currently Environmental History/Political Ecology. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between Nature and industrial capitalism: I am trying to understand how this relationship was shaped in the late 18th-early 19th century, during the so called ‘industrial revolution’, and how it has affected social and environmental relations in the following two centuries. My primary research focuses on the Liri valley, a small industrial basin in the Italian South, and deals with: the appropriation/enclosing of water, the production of an industrial landscape and the shaping of a capitalist ecological consciousness. General topics which I am concerned with are: water, energy, property rights and political economy as storytelling. .

My secondary research project deals with industrial hazards and the relationship between labor and environmental movements in the post-war decades



2005-06: Visiting Scholar, Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University

2003-: member of the editorial board, “I Frutti di Demetra. Bollettino di Storia e Ambiente” (




Storia dell’ambiente. Una introduzione, Roma: Carocci 2004 (An Introduction to Environmental History; co-author: M. Armiero); reviewed in Environmental History, Oct. 2004 (9:4)

Elettrificare la Puglia. Impresa, territorio e sviluppo in prospettiva storica, 1900-1945, Napoli: Liguori 2001 (The Electrification of Apulia, Italy)

Articles and Book Chapters (in English)

“A ‘natural’ capitalism. Water and the making of the Italian industrial landscape”, in Sistina Wilderness. Looking for Nature in Modern Italy, M. Armiero and M. Hall eds., to be published by the Ohio University Press

“Enclosing the river. Industrialization and the property rights discourse in the Liri valley (Southern Italy), 1806-1916”, Environment and History 13 (2007)

“Running Italian Waters. Hydraulics and Water Law in the Age of Industrialization, 1860-1915”, in Views from the South. Environmental Stories from the Mediterranean World, M. Armiero ed., Naples: CNR 2006

“Water and industrialization in Italy”, in History and sustainability (proceedings of the 3th International Conference of the European Society for Environmental History, Firenze, February 2005), CNR pub., Rome 2005

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